Warm Up – Preparing Your Body for the Ultimate Workout

Before working out, it is necessary to warm up. When you warm up, either by performing stretches or a reduced intense version of the exercise activity you are working up to, you are preparing your body in many different ways. Three of these ways is vital to your performance, recovery, as well as the outcome.

Raising the Pulse

Nobody enjoys being jolted out of sleep, and neither does your heart. It is better to prepare your heart for the upcoming activity by gradually raising the intensity rather than giving it a sudden spike.  After completing the pulse-raising aspect of your workout, you should be out of breath but still, have the ability to form a complete spoken sentence.

Mobility Plays a Role

For lubrication of your joints and protection of the cartilage found at the end of the bone, your body releases fluid as you begin to move. Many of us notice our limbs have an increase in the range of motion as our muscle fibers begin to contract and lengthen. The generation of body heat, as well as the breakdown of the connective tissue covering your muscles, is the reason for this increase in flexibility.

Think About Flexibility

Your range of motion determines the amount of movement you can put toward your chosen activity. There are different stretching techniques used, consider the activity you are going to begin before choosing the right one to use. For example, before your tennis practice, swinging your arms back and forth can be a way to loosen up your shoulders. Keep in mind, however, some stretches used when warming up require active stretches which may have unwanted effects.

A good warm-up routine ultimately makes your body and mind get ready for an incredible workout session.