The first day at the gym can be a confusing experience. You don’t know what to do, which weights to lift, or how to use the different machines. When it comes to strength training, not everyone responds to it in the same way.

While some want to get lean and fit, others want to increase power and strength. But before you add lifting weights to your fitness regime, there are a few things you must remember to get the full benefits.

Don’t give up

This is the biggest rule of lifting weights. The first few days or weeks are tough and intimidating, and you will feel like giving up several times.

But the key to getting better is to stick to it. Every strength training beginner must realize that it gets easier with time. The more you lift weights, it will start to feel more natural and your capacity will also increase.

The key is to begin with lighter weights and progress to lifting heavier as you get fitter and stronger. Lifting the heaviest weight on the first day can also result in injuries.

Soreness isn’t the yardstick

You shouldn’t measure the effectiveness of your workout by how sore you are. Soreness means muscle damage and is the least important way to gauge the success of your strength and conditioning program.

Being sore the first day or two is all right, but if you are sore every day, it means you aren’t doing it right. In fact, if lifting weights leaves you sore every time, it will prevent you from working out the rest of the week. Your long-term aim should be to build a strong body, not make yourself too sore to walk.

Stick to a proper diet

Several people tend to assume that no matter how unhealthy their diet, they can fix it by working out. The truth is, no matter how hard you work out for weight loss, unless you follow a healthy diet, all your efforts will be in vain.

You need to cut down on junk food and unhealthy fats and carbs while including more protein-rich food and healthy fats in your diet. Remember that weight training burns calories, so you need to make sure you are eating enough to build a strong body.

Take breaks

The most effective way to measure if your new fitness regime is working out is by taking a few days rest in the week. Experts suggest strength training for three days and doing cardio for three days. This will give your body a break and allow the chances that you’re working for to take place.