Although strength training for athletes is a vital part of every athlete’s fitness regime, there are still many coaches who look down upon it.

This has led to strength training getting a bad rap among certain circles. The truth is, every athlete should focus on building strength. And why every athlete? Every person who wants to build muscle and get stronger should include strength training in their regime.

Regardless of what sport you are into, you should never forget to strength train, for the following reasons:

Reduces chances of injury

Athletes are exposed to some of the worst injuries, many of which can even end their careers. When you strength train, your muscles and tissues become stronger, dramatically reducing incidences of injury.

Both males and females show similar strength and muscle development when working with weights consistently over some time. This is vital for preventing injuries.

Improves flexibility

Strength and conditioning improve overall flexibility. A lot of people believe that resistance training like lifting weights cannot improve flexibility, but research has shown that when you stretch and contract a set of muscles for a period, it automatically makes those muscles more flexible.

For an athlete, flexibility is key. Flexibility reduces injuries, and also improves performance.

Strengthens bones

When you strength train, you put stress on your body. But it’s a good stress if put on the right places. Resistance training benefits muscles and connective tissues, while also improving protein and mineral content in the body.

This leads to improved bone density. In fact, strength training for athletes for only three or four months can bring about positive results in terms of bone density.

Lowers blood pressure

When you continue to strength train for a long time, it helps reduce your blood pressure. Aside from building solid muscles, resistance training will increase blood flow to the muscles that you train. As the muscles grow stronger, it takes less effort for them to contract, and makes the heart work less hard. This, in turn, lowers blood pressure and heart rate at rest.

This is great news for professional athletes, but when someone with uncontrolled high blood pressure or heart problems should always consult a doctor before strength training because blood pressure temporarily rises while lifting weights.

Every athlete’s fitness program should include resistance training for strength and flexibility. Whether you want to start your weight loss journey or to improve your sports performance, Velocity provides you with one-on-one training to help you achieve the best.