Mark Bell


Mark attended McDaniel College where he was a student athlete, Participating in Collegiate Baseball and Soccer

NFL Combine Readiness Training

NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Animal Flow Certified

Mark Bell has competed in team sports from youth leagues through college, building an appreciation and understanding for the complex and challenging work that is required to improve each athlete’s abilities. Mark approaches each individual’s goals through three-dimensional movements to create a high-intensity regimen that focuses on increased performance.

Mark has experience in a multitude of sports performance training, namely Baseball, Soccer, Football, and Basketball. He’s worked with athletes of all ages, from youth sports to preparing individuals for the NFL Combine. He participated in both Baseball and Soccer in High School, as well as at McDaniel College in Maryland. Mark graduated with a Degree in Exercise Science and a Minor in Sports Coaching.

Two over-arching sentiments that go into Mark’s training sessions are “Be better than you were yesterday” and “Train better to perform better.” Mark believes with personalized attention and relentless pursuit of performance, no goals are unattainable for any individual.