How Athlete Conditioning Can Improve Performance in Competitive Sports
Teens and young people should be encouraged to engage in sports at an early age. It is critical for their emotional and physical development. There is a growing trend where young people specialize in a sport before high school. Guardians, coaches, parents and young players are increasingly looking towards this trend. Athletic conditioning training is important for several reasons.

Improve Performance
Athletic conditioning is designed for young athletes to match, their development, strengths, maturity, and growth. Athletic conditioning may begin as early as age 12. At this age, the focus is on training movements and basic skills so that the young athlete is prepared for more complex physical tasks in the future. At different stages, the coach will progressively shift the focus to different aspects of training. This step by step approach ensures that the athlete has the prerequisite skills to perform better when playing professionally.

Minimize Burnout
When athletes start training at a later stage, they may not have acquired the basic movement skills that are required for that physical sport. They, therefore, have to work twice as hard to acquire the basic skills in order to progress at the required rate necessary to engage in competitive sports. There is a higher risk of overtraining and having a burnout. At this stage, it may be difficult for athletes to adapt to the pressures of competitive sports. Starting early, therefore, minimizes the risk of a burnout and increases the chances of being successful in the future.

Stronger Athletes
Conditioning young people early can help increase their strength exponentially against their counterparts who start later in life. Starting in early teens increases the gains by a factor much higher than in adulthood, the gains are even greater when it starts earlier in childhood. Through early conditioning, athletes become stronger, more adaptable and have a better chance of long-term success.