Have you ever wondered, when an athlete is in the off season or an Olympic athlete where do they train? Where do they work out? There is a gym in Los Angeles, CA that works specifically with professional level athletes. At Velocity Sports Club they offer private athletic conditioning for today’s professional athlete.

With cameras everywhere, and everyone is their own personal journalist, it is difficult to find a place that respects a person’s privacy. Not every athlete wants their picture taken while they are training hard and working out.

To be as good as pro-athletes are, it takes focus. You want to be able to block out the outside world and only think about reps and conditioning. That can be difficult to do if you go to one of the larger gym franchises. Fans coming up wanting to take pictures and videos, and constantly interrupt when you need to have your head in the workout.

Reach Your Goals With Coaching
Velocity Sports Club trainers use a personal approach when creating a workout plan for each individual trainee. No athlete is just alike, and therefore their needs in training are different. Some athletes need improvement on acceleration such as coming out of the track blocks or exploding off of the line of scrimmage. Others need vertical improvement or simply to get more power in their throwing arm, core, or legs. Whichever you need, they have a trainer and a program that suits your needs.

Learn Your Body
Sometimes education can be the difference in being good and being extraordinary. Learning how your body works, specifically, and what helps you to achieve greatness in its physical form makes you a better athlete. Having a team of trainers who can educate you on what works for you is the cherry on top.