Most exercise beginners either stick to only one type of workout or mix several different types. The problem is they do so without knowing the significance of each type of workout. Take the examples of strength training and body conditioning.

Misguided thinking

There are some beginners that engage in only strength training and assume that it will built their metabolism. On the other hand, there are people who do only body conditioning exercises and think that it will help them develop muscles.

The basic mistake here is not knowing the difference between strength training and body conditioning. Whenever you get into exercising without knowing the difference between the various types, all of your fitness attempts will be futile.

Strength training is the kind of exercise that is meant to build strength. The biggest difference between strength training and conditioning is the number of repetitions.

Another way to work out

Strength training does not have a lot of repetitions; each set of exercise is repeated one to five times with breaks in between. In this way you build strength by exerting a large amount of pressure or load on your body.

The body is forced to build muscles and strong bones to be able to carry that load. There are various benefits of strength training including boosting muscle mass, decreasing fat percentage, strengthening bones and joints, and lowering cholesterol.

Conditioning exercises involve a lot of repetitions and the primary aim is to improve your cardiovascular system. The simplest form of conditioning is aerobic exercise, from running to swimming to dancing.

Conditioning exercises improve your heart’s ability to pump blood more efficiently. When the arteries expand, they are able to pump more blood in a shorter time, using less oxygen because the lungs also get stronger.

Not true

Conditioning exercises have a lot of sets and reps, often involving lighter weights. When you perform a lot of repetitions with weights you assume that conditioning will help you develop muscles. But it won’t.

If anything conditioning is strength training for your cardiovascular system. It will make you stronger and help your organs work more efficiently but it will not help you develop big muscles.

With the difference between strength training and conditioning clear it is easier for you to decide what is right for your body type. Utilize the help of a fitness coach because it prevents you from making rookie mistakes.