Dean Laing


Dean was a dual college athlete participating in Football and Track at Texas A&M

AFAA Certified Performance Coach

Dean will be representing his country as a sprint hurdler and 100/200 meter athlete in the upcoming 2016 Olympics

Member of the South Bay Track Club

Dean has an extensive background in bio mechanics, corrective exercise and mobility. He has worked with numerous world class athletes and business professionals throughout his coaching career.

Dean is a firm believer in taking strength and conditioning to the next level by addressing the first level. “Somewhere in our athleticism we began to overcompensate for lack of mobility and picked up some really bad habits. I aspire to mobilize my clients and athletes by allowing them to have the permanent set of skills that will improve not only ones performance, but the longevity of their careers. These tools will also help the athlete become much more aware of their body and will promote a healthy fitness level for the rest of their lives.”